Alternative Dispute Resolution

Are you interested in exploring a less adversarial process to resolve your legal issue?
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Alternative dispute resolution attorneys focus on mediation, neutral evaluation, and arbitration. In doing so, they help parties resolve a dispute on their own, issue non-trial decisions on a matter, or present expert opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Often attorneys in this field are trained in negotiation.

Our consultants can help you explore alternative dispute resolution options.


Administrative & Regulatory

Has your application to an administrative agency been denied? Did your company receive a penalty for failing to follow government agency regulations?

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When the laws are passed, the governing bodies often create administrative agencies to help create, carry out and enforce the details of the new law. Administrative law attorneys deal with rules and regulations issued by said government agencies. Attorneys practicing in this field may interact with the administration or local departments.


Antitrust Litigation

Are you a business that has encountered what you suspect may be unfair business practices?

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Antitrust litigation attorneys advise in litigation that disputes whether or not a business has complied with laws protecting fair competition. This includes charges of price fixing, merger or acquisition filings that too closely resemble a trust or monopoly, or any other business practice or contract appearing to restrict fair trade.


Insolvency & Reorganization

Find help for bankruptcy matters with us. Whether you are a corporation or a business, if you are in financial straits, consider seeking the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney even if you’ve already filed. You’ll receive help in determining the best course of action to settle your debts and minimize any negative impact to your business or personal finances. Our attorneys deal with transactional aspects of business bankruptcies. These include debt restructuring, loan negotiations, distressed asset sales, bankruptcy filings, and debt assumption as part of a merger or acquisition.

For business bankruptcies, use our consultants who can help resolve your financial issues.


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