When was the last time in your company when it could have made an action by delegation, that could be done equally well while all its members would be responsible for planning, strategy development and sales!?! Why are you surprised that a competing company with only 25 employees is on top and you, with so much experience, are so small, even if you have much more people inside? How come competitors can do with a handful of employees what you do with much more?  We know how it is … Sometimes it’s hard to trust someone else intervene in your type of organization. After all, nobody does the job as well as you do, right? That is called restraint. With this attitude, there is a big minus in your business. While you take care of details, contracts, exploration and investigations, notifications, negotiations over the phone in favor of debt recovery, or whatever, your business at macro level is losing ground in front of competitors, so…all your company will suffer.

We wanted to see more clearly the issues entrepreneurs and employees are currently facing. And guess what?

Employees complain about bosses’ demands – often hysterical, and entrepreneurs say they don’t have enough confidence to delegate important tasks to employees who are very irresponsible.

The consequence is dangerous: the employee is capped because nobody trusts him, they are not able to grow their career and the contractor or manager fails to grow the business because they are blocked in tasks not related to their training.

How can someone grow a business with 0 strategy and 0 development plan, but with a flawless execution of bureaucracy?

Exactly, it is not likely to cross the threshold of survival. We think that we all understand the frustration of a manager who is always buried in small tasks, as well as his employees’ efforts. All this time, the business they run is increasingly sinking into mediocrity, while truly important matters are not prioritized correctly.

So. how can you make use of more strategy and business development?

With a team that can replace important departments inside.

Perhaps your employees will work at 80% capacity on the same task you work at 90% or 100% capacity. However, four people operating like you will result in a 400% capacity and that’s so much better and healthier for your business. But, for example, can you afford four people in the legal department of your company? Maybe no! Can you still call an LPO (legal process outsourcing) company? Yes! What does that mean? OUTSOURCING! Now, that’s the difference between a company with 25 employees and your company.

1. Choose based on clear criteria

Many business owners make a fatal mistake when it comes to recruitment. They hire fast, without taking into account the qualifications and skills of the person they want to hire. Did you know that it costs at least four times more to fire a man who was hired out of desperation, but did not fit the job? So, in this case, it’s better for you to outsource the department.  Before posting the job announcement, ask yourself exactly how the person who will work for you should be – you should know more about the profile of behavior, what personal values they have, or how large their experience should be, etc. After that, you will surely discover that your perfect employee can be a company that takes all the responsibility of your inside legal department, for instance.

2. Make a change!

Understand that your people must devote more to business development rather than execution only. Have a look through your departments. Do you have too many people who actually only execute in key points instead of planning coherently and bringing a beneficial strategy for your business? Why don’t they come up with ideas to optimize the work in their department? Why are they not making any steps towards the company development? Because they only execute.

Breaking barriers and outsourcing will lead you to added value in your business. Once you understand this issue and put into action these strategies, you can lead your people to the much-desired plan that can became easily their plan too.