There are two people a business owner should consult with as often as possible: your accountant and your attorney. Lots of business owners don’t realize the value these two people give you. Other business owners fully realize the value of these people, but simply can’t afford to utilize the services of top professionals in these fields. Here are some of the top issues business owners like you face:

  1. Difficulty collecting money from customers.
  2. Not fully understanding contracts before signing them.
  3. Signing contracts that have terms that are unfavorable to you.
  4. Not maximizing business tax deductions.
  5. Disputes with suppliers, landlords, customers or employees.
  6. Minimizing the risk of being sued by customers, vendors or employees.
  7. Hiring or firing employees.
  8. Wondering how to incorporate or otherwise legally protect your business.
  9. Creating or updating a business plan.
  • Fully complying with local and national regulations.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the business legal service plan, we are offering you today, help with each of those items and a great many more are only a phone call away.

What do you get?

That’s an excellent question. In fact, for about the price of a daily meal you can receive:

QUICK RESPONSE TIME The lawyer will get back to you in an average of 2 to 3 business hours! Not days or weeks later like typical lawyers.

LEGAL CONSULTATION Call a top-rated lawyer and get legal consultation on an unlimited number of legal matters. You can call 10 times a day if you want and ask him about any legal issue that’s on your mind.

MULTI-TOPIC CONSULTING Get access to top business consultants in multiple fields whom you can ask an unlimited number of questions.

Can you imagine sending any contract you have to sign to your lawyer and getting quality advice in a couple of hours as to what may be hidden in the fine print that may be detrimental to you? Your lease agreement, vendor contracts, insurance agreements and more can all be reviewed before you inadvertently sign something you may not want to once you know what the fine print really means.

Can you imagine greatly reducing the headache associated with collecting outstanding debts? It’s your money that you worked hard for, so it should be in your bank account. This will help you get it there quicker and easier.

The services don’t stop at protecting your business though.